Thursday, April 14, 2011


so it is my birthday this weekend and i am spoiling myself with a gun.  So fellow bloggers, please give me your opinions, which of the two would you get?
Here we have a GSG-255 SD with a 110 round mag
SMITH AND WESSON M&P 15-22 22LR 16" 25 round mag


  1. Wow both look amazing but I would go with the GSG it may take a long time to load but will last longer then shooting 25 off at a time THEN reloading. May not be as accurate as the S&W but I with a 110rd drum mag and MP5 looks you cant go wrong! Whatever you chose have fun with it man. I Want the GSG myself.

  2. gyar, that is the problem I am facing, thanks for the great input man. Also the S&W has interchangeable parts with an AR-15 so it is really customizable. GSG is awesome though especially the 110 drum mag, can't really beat that cartridge size ha

  3. Both look fantastic.I guess used one of those in counter-strike.